change of pace (me)


I once worried that i had made all the wrong choices

but then i realized that in fact that it wasnt I who deemed them wrong, but others

and if I hadnt made said choices i wouldnt be who I am

so in the end i can no longer regret what i have done, because it hasnt let me down

not everthing is a masterpiece

happy holidays to you and yours

I have alot to think about and maybe you do too.
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change of pace (me)


what i thought was my stimulus was actually my fed tax refund

coz I just got my state today

either way free money =3
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bitch (itachi)

sneaky sneaky;

I so just wandered around the ground of my apt complex to find a unsecure connection to leech onto

yes having no internet has made me insane

I miss you all

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nothing is broken (roxas)


every year I forget how much I miss the summer rains

yes they can be troublesome, but the freshness it brings to such a dirty city is relieving

its one of those few smells that can bring solace to my inner beast as cliche as that sounds

tucson has been overcast and raining the entire time Ive been here, cooling even if shit is hitting the fan...too bad the rain can only clean so much

Ive found solace in pack of camel menthol wides and late nite conversation with my mother

and I realized Im still the child I thought I had abandoned years ago, not the adult Ive wanted to become so badly

on a less somber and somewhat angsty note, I cut my hair and Ivy says I look like a little boy >_<

we head back home Thursday and then I get back to what I do best, working and holding up a very flimsy social life

blah...I should stop writing

Im lonely and wish I had someone around
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